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What We Do

At Realty Dynamics Equity Partners (RDYNE), we acquire performing assets with value-added opportunities in Cleveland, Ohio and its sub-markets. We rigorously investigate our acquisitions for the possible implementation of value-added improvements and profitable asset operations. We invest for the long-term and have a proven exit/refinance strategy when market conditions are favorable.

We focus on multi-family real estate which is a tangible, hard-asset that will always be in demand. Investments in multi-family real estate not only have the ability to preserve capital, but can also provide cash to investors. Investors also benefit from Net Operating Income (NOI) growth as well as asset equity, appreciation and principal reductions. Real estate offers one of the best tax-advantaged investments available; we work with our clients to achieve their investment goals through careful asset acquisition.

Finally, we focus on multi-family real estate for its stability. A recent 20-year study of investment performance determined that commercial real estate in general, and multi-family properties in particular, deliver the best total return-on-investment compared with equities. We understand the multi-family marketplace and focus specifically on the Cleveland, Ohio area and its sub-markets. The steady rise in households and job growth is driving a need for rental housing in Cleveland. Rents, occupancy and NOI are up and continue to increase. This presents investors with an opportunity to secure solid, stable returns for the next generation.

Our Market Focus

Our focus is on the Greater Cleveland, Ohio area and its sub-markets. Cleveland and the surround area are experiencing an appreciating market, post-recession real estate market. Real estate assets purchased and managed right present a lucrative opportunity to investors.

  • The Greater Cleveland area has a thriving market of niche tenants – blue collar and retail workers.

  • We work with motivated sellers.

  • Target properties are evaluated for current property valuation, rent opportunities and repositioning potential.

  • We have negotiated contracts with service companies –utilities, pest control, waste management, lawn care, etc.

Our Process

Using a process-driving approach, each acquisition and asset management opportunity transitions through the following sequence:

  1. Secure the Principal Investment - Trust that you will get back what you invest.

  2. Predictable & Reliable Income - Multi-family real estate investing offers solid returns with quarterly dividends.

  3. Income Growth - Income over time through rent increases, lowered expenses and property improvements.

  4. Equity Growth - By increasing rent, improving the property and reducing the principal, your equity can increase steadily over time.

  5. Exit Opportunity - Exit potentially via 1031 Exchange, 3 to 5 year refinance with a planned 10 year hold or if/when market conditions present windfall opportunity.

Our investments are evergreen

When investing for permanent wealth you want to be in an industry that will be here today, tomorrow and 50 years from now. Multi-family real estate is that industry. Shelter is a basic need and is 100% evergreen. While the stock market may fluctuate, housing will always be in demand.

The current trend among Baby Boomers, Millennials, and others, is to rent rather than purchase their housing. As the rental market continues to grow, the demand for quality properties available for lease will continue to increase.

Investment Strategy

Buy Right. Finance Right. Manage Right.