Providing investors access to

sophisticated real estate investments

We acquire undermanaged, well-located assets, looking for growth potential driven by demographic and economic trends.


We acquire performing assets with value-added opportunities in select primary and secondary markets. We rigorously investigate our acquisitions for the possible implementation of value-added improvements and profitable asset operations. We invest for the long-term and have a proven exit/refinance strategy when market conditions are favorable.

We focus on multifamily real estate which is a tangible, hard-asset that will always be in demand. Investments in multifamily real estate not only have the ability to preserve capital, but can also provide cash to investors. Investors also benefit from Net Operating Income (NOI) growth as well as asset equity, appreciation and principal reductions. Real estate offers one of the best tax-advantaged investments available; we work with our clients to achieve their investment goals through careful asset acquisition.

We also focus on multifamily real estate for its stability. A recent 20-year study of investment performance determined that commercial real estate in general, and multifamily properties in particular, deliver the best total return-on-investment compared with equities.

Multifamily investments

are evergreen

When investing for permanent wealth, you want to be in an industry that will be here today, tomorrow and 50 years from now. Multifamily real estate is that industry. Shelter is a basic need and is 100% evergreen. While the stock market may fluctuate, housing will always be in demand.

The current trend among Baby Boomers, Millennials, and others, is to rent rather than purchase their housing. As the rental market continues to grow, the demand for quality properties available for lease will continue to increase.


Our expertise in multifamily and triple net enables us to create innovative acquisition and redevelopment strategies for assets in the markets we select.

We harness our creativity and revitalize spaces to transform historical buildings into an experience to our residents. The goal of our renovation strategy is to create unique spaces, attracting the best tenants for the asset and generating exceptional returns for our investors – all while taking advantage of tax breaks and government incentives.

We provide investors with access to excellent opportunities in several sectors of commercial real estate. Our approach connects investors with often-times inaccessible investments without the hassle of pursuing and underwriting deals.

Investing in opportunity zones to

dramatically reduce your capital gains tax

Opportunity Zones are one of the most exciting investment opportunities in recent history. They allow an investor who has triggered a capital gain by selling an asset (stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.) to receive special tax benefits if they roll the gain into a qualified Opportunity Zone investment.

Net Lease

Bulletproof Cashflow net lease funds are designed to provide strong yield, inflation-protected total returns and deliver the stable, predictable income, and security benefits of a fixed income strategy and the capital appreciation and total return benefits of an equity investment.

The net lease funds sponsored by Bulletproof Cashflow invest in business essential office, industrial, and retail properties leased to single corporate tenants on a long term basis where the tenant pays for all the operating costs of the property. The assets comprising the net lease funds are 100% leased to a single tenant at the time of acquisition. The corporate tenant typically carries an investment grade credit rating and guarantees the rent payment under the lease. The properties are critical to the operations of the underlying tenant and typically serve as the corporation’s regional distribution facility or warehouse, corporate headquarters, or significant retail outlet facility.


Triple Net

100% Passive

We have built an incredible platform so our partners can get all the benefits of investing in institutional quality real estate deals, without the headaches and resources required to manage the entire real estate process.

Cash Flow

Our national branded, high performing credit tenants pay us rent that produces positive cash flow. We distribute all free cash flow to our partners on an ongoing quarterly basis.


In addition to ongoing cash flow, our partners reap the benefits of any capital appreciation or refinancing proceeds when we exit a transaction after a hold period.

Lower volatility than equities

The private nature of Commercial Real Estate provides investors with lower volatility than public, liquid markets. Real Estate is also uncorrelated to the market, offering you a buffer from market swings.

Tax Advantages

As an owner in a real estate partnership, you receive a K-1 each year, not a 1099 like a REIT or stockholder would receive. There are multiple benefits of owning real estate in this capacity, like receiving depreciation benefits.

Inflation Hedge

Historically, Real Estate has been a hedge against inflation. As the price of goods increase, so do rents; increasing the value of the property and fighting the invisible inflation tax.